uTorrent vs. BitTorrent – Which is Better?

Today, in our humble opinion, we will compare two of the best programs for downloading movies, music, games, and other files via torrent on a computer – uTorrent and BitTorrent.


So, let’s go a little bit deeper into the history of the tracker. Since it was one of the first of its kind and appeared quite a long time ago (2005), today it is much more trustworthy than its counterparts. However, even at the time of its release, this application managed to grab a huge amount of attention from the users of that time.

This application’s features, tools, and interface are considered a kind of “gold standard”. Because of this, many modern torrent clients try to make a very similar copy.

uTorrent website

This torrent client has two versions – paid and free. The free version contains advertising and can catch some kind of “worm”. In the paid version, of course, these disadvantages do not. In addition, when you buy the paid version, you get additional protection against viruses, which also can not but rejoice.

Advantages of uTorrent

So, here we will cite a few publicly available facts about this tracker.

  1. This program exists on absolutely any version of Windows. This also developed a mobile Android version, which also can not fail to please.
  2. The application is well optimized. It can work in conjunction with other processes without loading the computer, even older models. This also includes a high speed of the program itself.
  3. This torrent tracker allows you to be “offline”. This uses a variety of proxy servers, and so on. We will not go into details.
  4. The ability to arrange the order of downloading files in the case when you need to download a certain number of documents.
  5. Developed internal audio and video player.


This program can literally be called a “dinosaur”. BitTorrent was developed back in 2001.

Like uTorrent, this client has two versions – paid and free.

BitTorrent website

Here, as well as in the uTorrent application, you can get rid of annoying ads only after purchasing the full version. The full version also has antivirus and a file converter.

Advantages of BitTorrent

  1. Pretty simple and user-friendly interface combined with a pleasant design. You only have to specify the path in which the downloaded files will be saved to start working. The interface is intuitive and simple, so you won’t have any problems using it.
  2. The computer can synchronize with other devices, which is also handy when quickly transferring a file from one computer to another.
  3. The main advantage of this utility is that there is no need to search for torrents over the Internet. You can do it literally “without leaving the box office,” which is also quite convenient.
  4. The buttons are located in the same places as in the application uTorrent.

Differences Between uTorrent and BitTorrent


The only difference in appearance is the color. In uTorrent, the icons and icons in the interface are green, and in BitTorrent, they are lilac. But the layout of menu items, buttons, and windows displaying the list of downloads and statistics are all identical.

uTorrent Interface

People who can not distinguish between colors do not understand which of these two programs are used, as long as they look at the name in the hat.


The features and functionality are the same. The fact is that BitTorrent, Inc. acquired uTorrent from the original developers in 2006, and since then, both programs have been based on the same source code.

This means they have the same operating principle, performance, and system resource consumption of the operating system.


BitTorrent does not have a Linux version, only Windows, Mac OS, and Android. uTorrent supports all of the listed operating systems, including Linux (Ubuntu 12 and 13 and Debian 6 and 7).

Other Differences

With BitTorrent, the difference is the same as between Google Chrome and HTTP:

  • BitTorrent is a protocol for sharing files, the “language.”
  • uTorrent is a torrent client, a program that knows how to “speak this language” and has some graphical interface that helps you control what it will download and from where.

If we are talking about the BitTorrent program of the same name, the only noticeable difference is that uTorrent is slightly faster and takes up less disk space.

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Bottom Line Opinion

While the two programs do not differ much, uTorrent is better. If only because the client is used by many times more people, and if you have questions about its use or there is an unsolvable problem, it will be easier to find answers and instructions on forums and specialized sites, such as ours.

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