Torrent9: Everything You Should Know Before Use It

Are you a fan of torrent downloading? Then you may know Torrent9, a site that has become major lately. So let’s introduce it.

The galaxy of sites dedicated to downloading content works in two main areas: direct downloading or torrenting. Some also opt for streaming. However, in the world of torrenting, the Torrent9 site has made a real place for itself. We explain what it is, how it works, and where to find it!

What is Torrent9?

Torrent9 is a torrent download site that was founded in November 2016. It was born shortly before the well-known. On this site, you will be able to find a large number of files, for free made available by millions of everyday users, called seeders. These seeders make their content accessible to the community then download it.

The principle of Torrent9 is elementary: it is a public tracker that does not require any signup. Think of it as a kind of big bookstore where you won’t find books but files like videos, music, software, games, and much more. Anyone can share or download files through the P2P (Peer to Peer) protocol.

Note: Since mid-November 2019, Torrent9 has completely changed its name and is now called Oxtorrent. Often, download platforms prepare a URL change if their main URL gets blocked by Internet service providers or hosts.

What is its Official Address?

As you will read later in this post, for legal causes, the official address of the real Torrent9 changes very often, and many fakes try to imitate it to practice what is named phishing.

Beware of mirror proxy sites that use URLs close to a real one and are fraudulent. Their goal is to attract people and then download all types of viruses.

How Does Torrent9 Work?

On the site, you will find what is called torrent files. These files, in themselves, are not much use to you unless you use BitTorrent software, like uTorrent, qBitTorrent, or others, to download them and share them.

Again, think of Torrent9 only as a library from which users will search for files: a person will go to Torrent9, find a Torrent file they want to download, download it, and then open it via their BitTorrent software. Only then will the downloading and sharing begin.

The client will then download the file shared by dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people. The goal of Torrent9 is only to link these different actors: those who want to download and those who are ready to share.

Is Torrent9 Legal?

That’s a good question, and the answer is not so obvious. On Torrent9, you will (unfortunately) find many shared files while neither the one who shares nor the one who downloads has the rights. Torrent9 is, therefore, the source of illegal behavior in this case. According to rumors, most of the content will be illegal on this website.

Is Torrent9 Legal

On the other hand, the very principle of Torrent9, which is to propose files (free of rights or not), is not illegal. However, due to the huge unlawful use that the users make of the website, Torrent9 becomes very quickly a download site that can be very clearly qualified as illegal. It’s not so much the illegal principle, but the content found there.

We do not invite you to use this site at all unless it is to share and download royalty-free files.

What is the Danger with Torrent9?

Of course, since Torrent9 is an illegal site, you take serious risks with the authorities. Moreover, if you download illegal content, you expose yourself to certain repercussions related to the non-respect of copyright and private property.

But that’s not the only danger you need to watch out for when trying to connect to Torrent9. Indeed, several scams related to phishing have already been spotted by Internet users around the site. If you are asked for your credit card code when you connect, be careful! Indeed, since the site is supposed to be free, something fishy is going on if you have to pay. The objective is probably to steal your banking or personal data. So, it is necessary to make sure that you are trying to connect to the right site and not to one of the many copies that abound on the Internet to limit the risks.

Repeated Domain Name Changes

Because of this illegal character, the authorities keep trying to close down sites like Torrent9. Indeed, they considerably harm the film industry, which loses significant revenues.

In order to get around these multiple blocking attempts, Torrent9 has undergone a very large number of changes of web address extensions. Over the years, it has been called,,,, .site, .blue, .ph, .lol, .biz, .bz or, most recently,

In November 2018, it created a big scare near its users when it announced that it wanted to close its doors due to the constant pressure of the authorities. At that time, Torrent9 also required all its users to download with a VPN (or Virtual Private Network). This tool aimed to protect their users by making them anonymous (hiding their IP address) when downloading torrents.

Why is it So Successful?

It can be explained the success of Torrent9 and the excellent reviews in straightforward ways.

First of all, it is a 100% free site. Therefore, people who don’t want to pay for specific files can go there and find almost anything they want.

The second reason is that it is unnecessary to register to download torrents on Torrent9. A simple visit, a click, and the torrent file are already downloaded on the visitor’s computer. This makes it different from some private trackers, like Yggtorrent, which require registration, and the respect of a ratio (download/share) to download torrent files.

It is quite complex to estimate the exact number of monthly visitors to Torrent9. However, according to trend analysis, it is estimated that the site receives more than 3 million unique users every month.

The 4 Best Torrent9 Alternatives

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a directory of torrents on the net. This website does not offer torrents per se, but it lists all these files completely. Thus, all Internet users can find the files they simply want, classified into categories.


On 1337X, you can mainly find movies, series, mangas, and games. But, the problem is also in its popularity, with many clones, more or less recommendable.


Oxtorrent and torrent9 are two very similar sites because they offer similar content. You will access the latest content on this site is very high quality.


Yggtorrent is one of the most impressive torrents on the market that can substitute for Torrent9 download.

Like the two previous ones, this one offers a wide variety of high-quality and recent content. In addition, VF movies in HD and with subtitles are available on this torrent site.

Frequently Asked Questions About Torrent9

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Torrent9. We’ll be updating this FAQ section over time to help you find your way around. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us. Please note that we do not accept any responsibility for using this platform, nor do we endorse the downloading of illegal content.

Is Torrent9 free?

Yes, the torrent platform is 100% free, and all the content offered is freely downloadable (and mostly illegal).

Is the site legal?

In principle, yes. In fact, no. Indeed, users share massive files that are not free of rights, making this platform illegal.

Do I have to create an account to download?

No, no account is necessary. Since it’s a public tracker, you can directly download the torrent file without creating an account.

How many users does Torrent9 have?

It’s not easy to give an exact figure because the data is not official. However, it is estimated that more than 3 million people are unique visitors every month.

Has Torrent9 become Oxtorrent?

Yes, the new name of Torrent9 is Oxtorrent. Unfortunately, as the platform is illegal, it often has to reinvent itself to get around the censorship of regulators.

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To conclude, Torrent9 is a site that allows you to download high-quality files for free.

In case the use of Torrent9 is blocked for you, you can opt to use other alternatives such as Pirate Bay, Oxtorrent, or 1337X. However, the latter requires its users to register and share content to continue using it.

If you insist on using Torrent9, you can choose one of the following two solutions to access the torrent. So you can use a VPN or a TOR browser.

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