The 8 Best Music Torrent Sites to Download Music

Torrenting is a very efficient way to download content. If you’ve never downloaded a Torrent movie before, my article on how to download a Torrent movie explains step by step how to proceed.

A VPN or a Seedbox is needed to download anonymously for this type of download. Everything is explained in the linked article. The Torrent download is extremely efficient. Its advantage compared to direct download is that you are not obliged to download it at one time. If your download is interrupted, it will resume where it left off.

Disclaimer: TorrentPros doesn’t support downloading any copyrighted content and using torrent trackers.

Top Music Torrent Sites to Know

Kickass Torrents / KAT

Kickass Torrents, abbreviated KAT, officially started in 2008. This torrent directory became the most popular torrent site globally at the time, just before the US government seized the domain in July 2016. Countries around the world then banned KAT.

Kickass Torrents / KAT Screenshot

KAT is not dead, though, but its lack of visibility just made it less popular. Many mirrors and proxy sites work but beware. Unfortunately, there are also many fakes. These fake KAT mirrors are torrent sites but try to scam users by installing malware downloads and giving away personal information.

Categories of torrent files on Kickass’ search engine include movies, TV shows, music, games, books, software applications (even iPhone), and cartoons.


1337X is another popular torrent site that has a section dedicated to music torrents. The simple and clean user interface of 1337X makes it easy to search and explore music torrents.


In addition, the music section of 1337X displays the most popular music torrents, and the list is updated daily.

1337X displays the time, size, and downloader name for each music torrent on the platform. Finally, using 1337X, you can even download other torrent files like movies, cartoons, games, and much more using the magnet link.


The next best torrent site for downloading songs on the list is Torlock. Unlike other popular music torrent sites, Torlock only lists verified torrents.

What is Torlock

Therefore, you won’t find any fake or spam torrent content on Torlock. Like 1337X, Torlock also has a dedicated music section that makes searching and exploring music quite simple.

Torlock displays the size and number of files for each music torrent. Finally, many random ads may annoy some users.

Some of the things on TorLock are hard to find on other trackers. But you’ll probably find the most popular torrents here, too – there are over 4.8 million choices.


The next reliable website for downloading music torrents is Torrent9. Well, Torrent9 also has a section dedicated to music torrents.

The website’s simple and well-developed user interface makes it easy to search for content. Moreover, Torrent9 also displays some of the most popular music torrents on the homepage of the music section.

Torrent9 also allows users to explore music from different categories such as Hard Rock, Metal, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and many more.


The next well-developed music torrent site on the list is LimeTorrents. Similar to Torlock, LimeTorrents also offers one-click verified torrent downloads. LimeTorrents also has a section dedicated to music, and this music torrent site displays the size and downloads time of each torrent.

Besides music, you can also download torrent movies, games, software, ebooks, and much more. One of the advantages of this tracker is the excellent user experience provided by the simple and organized layout. The popular new versions also benefit from numerous seeders and fast speeds.

However, older torrents are often overlooked. This is not a problem of the site itself, but I recommend using it as a backup plan instead of a first choice because of this inconsistency.

Music Torrent

The interface of Music Torrent is very attractive. It’s a change from obscure forums where you have to search for a long time to find content. Here the music is classified by category: Rock, Metal, Pop, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Reggae, Classical, Core, Ska, Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, Folk.

Choose the category you want, and surprise, even sub-categories refine your choice. Then scroll down the pages to find your happiness.

The only complaint is that there is no search field, but on the other hand, the content of the available Torrents is rich and diversified. You can’t have everything.

Concerning the quality of the albums, you will find mainly MP3 encoded at 320 kbps. Audiophiles will regret the absence of FLAC or Hi-Res files.


Sound Park is a Torrent download site dedicated to music. A search field allows you to search for artists or albums. Still, suppose you don’t have any specific ideas. In that case, you can browse the different rankings proposed: Top of the day, Top of the week, Top of the month, Top Albums or New Albums, Russian Music (Yes, the site is Russian, so they have their own little ranking) and Discography But that’s not all, because the Lossless section displays the list of available albums in FLAC format with more than 50,000 albums available!

Like most of the successful Torrent sites, it often happens that Sound Park is no longer available via the usual domain name.


A well-known French-speaking torrent site to download mainly movies and series. It contains a lot of new releases in MP3 format and some FLAC of mainstream titles.

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Final Words

Thank you for reading this article. Now you know about the most popular music torrent sites. If you still have questions, post them in the comments.

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