The 14 Best French Torrent Sites to Download French Torrents

Downloading torrent files is one of the methods of sharing files on the Internet. This solution, less easy than direct download, requires to go through portals, called tracker, offering a list of torrents to download. Unfortunately, as the world of downloading is often under attack, torrent sites appear and disappear, as was the case for the most famous of them.

In this article, we propose a list of the best French torrent sites.

Disclaimer: TorrentPros doesn’t support downloading any copyrighted content and using torrent trackers.

Top French Torrent Sites to Know

Oxtorrent (Cpasbien)

Oxtorrent aims to provide Internet users with a giant library containing all kinds of files. You will be able to download movies, series, software, etc. This site systematically changes its domain name to avoid Google and other search engines censorship. It is one of the most famous French Torrent sites. The following points can explain its success:

The use of Oxtorrent is completely free. The site is a real Alibaba’s cave for those who want to download series, mangas, or software without paying a cent.

To take advantage of the services offered by this platform, you will not have to register. You will be able to download different content in a few clicks.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay was born in Sweden in 2003. Thanks to its content being constantly enriched with new features, it offers users the best torrent download experience through its clean and very recognizable interface. But, unfortunately, its success has led to a number of legal setbacks.

The Pirate Bay

They also confronted the rights holders who do not support seeing their works so quickly on sites like The Pirate Bay. This has led to a prison sentence for one of its founders. Nevertheless, it remains a reference in spite of the closures of which it is regularly the object.


RARBG was released in 2009. The site has taken an essential part in the P2P market very early. Internet users are very enthusiastic about it because of the regular new features offered on the site, especially for the high definition of the videos provided. Moreover, it has an RSS feed for more comfort when downloading torrents.


Do you want to find French torrent sites that are both simple and uncluttered? Then GkTorrent deserves your attention. This download site does not only please for its ergonomics. Its design is similar to that of Torrent 9, and the contents of both platforms are pretty similar.

Although relatively new, Gktorrent is one of the most visited French torrent sites. The list below contains arguments that will convince you to choose this platform:

  • GkTorrent has a simple interface that offers a better user experience. Even those who are not experienced in downloading torrent files will be able to find their way around.
  • This site has many files of all kinds, including videos, software, games, mp3s, and even e-books. In short, there is something for everyone.
  • GkTorrent has a search bar and a list of 100 recommendations and the latest additions.


TorrentDownloads is one of the most famous and appreciated French torrent sites. Its popularity is not a coincidence. Indeed, this directory does not lack assets. Below we present an overview of the arguments in favor of this platform.

  • TorrentDownloads offers a wide range of quality files. The torrents you can find on this site include audiobooks, music, software, etc.
  • This torrent site caters to Android users. The latter will find in this platform contents that are specially dedicated to them.


1337X is an English-speaking site and has many similarities with The Pirate Bay. Its interface is easy to use, and its search engine is powerful. In addition, its search bar allows you to access many torrents. 1337X launched in 2007. The site is among the best in the field of torrent referencing.

  • Its regular updates give it a good reputation, particularly to its content well supplied with applications.
  • It had to wait until 2018 to finally experience success following the closures of several of its direct competitors.


Yggtorrent has millions of members. According to the Alexa rank, it is in the 35th place of the most consulted sites in France. Victim of its success, this platform is forced to change its domain name regularly to get past Google’s censorship. Here are some assets of this torrent directory:

  • Yggtorrent has an exceptional catalog composed of various .torrent files for all tastes. You will find movies, series, etc.
  • Yggtorrent services are free. However, you must register to download music, movies, and other files through this directory.


One of the most famous and popular French torrent sites, Zetorrents, will seduce you. This directory was created in 2011. It offers Internet users a wide range of content, including movies, series, manga, games, etc. Here are some assets that make the reputation of this platform.

  • The site has excellent availability and has few broken links. In addition, the .torrent files available in this directory are available for all tastes. Therefore, it will be easy to find the file you were looking for on this platform.
  • The quality of the torrents offered is acceptable. However, it varies according to the categories.


The TorLock torrent site has the particularity to propose verified content. This way, you will avoid nasty surprises, especially in terms of security. Moreover, according to your search and the number of associated results, which is often extremely long, it will propose you with a “green thumb” the one that meets your needs. Torlock is complete and will be an excellent ally to search for torrents that you won’t find elsewhere.


There are well-known French torrent sites. Some of these platforms, being more recent, are less famous. Omgtorrent is part of this category. However, it is getting more and more noticed. Especially since this directory has several positive points.

  • The contents proposed by OMGotorrent are rich and varied. You can find documentaries, movies, series, software, and even e-books.
  • The site has an acceptable interface, even if there is room for improvement. It is easy to use and is often.
  • To download music, movies, or series via this directory, you will not have to register. With a few clicks, you can access a wide variety of media and content of all kinds.


Torrentz2 is known for its minimalist interface that offers users very quick access to content. It stands out from the rest with its powerful search engine. Once you choose, you will be redirected to the torrent site that is probably present in this ranking. By searching several sites simultaneously via this site, you are sure to find the torrent you want.


Finding reliable French torrent sites has become a real obstacle course because of the numerous disputes related to copyright infringement.

However, some platforms are still operational and provide Internet users with a wide range of .torrent files. Many torrenting fans in France know Torrent9, a reference in the field. This site has some critical assets.

  • Torrent9 has a mainly organized interface that is easy to understand and use. You’ll find your way around in no time, even if you’re still a novice when it comes to downloading .torrent files.
  • The files available on this platform come in all flavors. You will find music, movies, games and much more.


This is certainly the torrent site that offers the fastest news in terms of movies. The regulars of the YIFI group have migrated to this platform after the closure of their favorite site. It distinguishes itself from its competitors by reliable content and always of HD quality or more.

If quality is important to you, this is the guy to turn to. Unfortunately, you will only find cinematic content on the site. YTS has made headlines by revealing the personal information of one of its users following pressure from rights holders. This led to it being banned by some torrent search engines.


The platforms offer a wide range of music, movies, etc. However, some French torrent sites specialize in sharing very specific files.

Among them, there is Pcgamestorrents. As its name suggests, this directory is dedicated to gamers. The assets of this site are numerous.

  • The site, enjoying certain popularity (millions of visitors per month), has a catalog of various games. All themes are represented: strategy, sports, action.
  • has an excellent design and is very well organized. Each of the listed games has its file and details and a torrent link. This platform also displays various filters, which makes the search easier.


What is a torrent?

A torrent is a file of a few kilobytes in size that contains the essential information to download audio, video, or other content. It is obtained from a torrent download site, and you will need torrent software such as uTorrent or BitTorrent to download it to your computer.

Why are some torrent sites not working?

Your Internet service provider blocks certain sites that are considered illegal or do not respect specific rules. This makes it impossible for you to explore the content. The torrent download activity is no exception to these restrictions. Whether it’s access to the torrent site or the P2P network, they are not managed in the same way, depending on where you are in the world.

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Final Words

Downloading torrents allows you to access rare content that only the best sites can provide you with quickly. It is advisable to respect this legal practice as much as possible regarding the rights holders to whom the works belong. Since Hadopi and the government authorities are watching over the situation, it seems wise and even essential to use a VPN when accessing torrent sites and software.

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