1337X: Everything You Should Know Before Use It

The fans of illegal downloading of movies or series usually turn to direct downloading or torrenting. In this second category, the site 1337X has become a reference in recent years.

For the authorities and rights holders, sites like NexTorrent, The Pirate Bay, or 1337X represent a threat. This is because they make protected content available for free. This is one of the reasons why it is often difficult to find the right web address.

What is 1337X?

1337X was created in 2007 but has only recently become successful: in 2016, about 10 years after its creation. Its success is probably due to the end of the reign of the most popular torrent site, KickassTorrents. However, it should be noted that the success of torrent trackers is always accompanied by blocking and censorship. For this reason, 1337X has been exposed to numerous complaints from right holders who downloads have harmed. Moreover, it has had to face censorship from search engines like Google. 1337x had to change its domain name many times to face all this.


Currently, it can be found at 1337x.tw. You can use proxies or VPNs if you can’t access this official site.

1337X is distinguished by its simple interface, which really makes it easy to download movies, music, TV series, games, books, etc. There is a search field where you just have to type the movie, music, or series you need to download.

Everything is easier with 1337X, a real child’s play, as they say. This is one of the reasons why it has become so popular, and the ambitions of its administrators don’t stop there as they plan to overtake The Pirate Bay, the number 1 torrent download website of the moment. Keep in mind that 1337X holds a real treasure trove of torrents behind this simplistic interface. The most recent torrents are available on the site.

How Does the Torrent Tracker Site Work?

The torrent trackers are an alternative that seduces many Internet users when they want to download more or less legal content. But how does it work? What do you do if you want to download a series, a movie, or a video game on 1337X? First, you have to consider the site as a very large library in which you can search for what you want.

In concrete terms, you choose the content that interests you and then downloads the associated .torrent file. Of course, it’s not the content you’re interested in because it’s only a few bytes. But it will allow you to find it later. Secondly, you need to install a Torrent client, i.e., a software capable of handling BitTorrent downloads. In this respect, there are also many solutions available to you. Finally, all you have to do is launch the .torrent file in your software, and the download will start. This works on the “peer-to-peer” system so that you will be exchanging information with other Internet users.

Is the 1337x Website Legal?

Not surprisingly, this kind of site is not legal. Of course, you can find their contents in the public domain, but it is far from being a majority of the works available there. Internet users often come there to find the latest series or movies that they want to watch without subscribing to Netflix, Disney+, or Canal+.

When you want to use a torrent link retrieved from 1337x, it is, therefore, necessary to use a VPN in order to hide your identity on the Internet. Indeed, the authorities observe the “peer-to-peer” protocol, and you can therefore expose yourself to a sanction.

Tips to Protect Yourself on a Download or Streaming Site?

When you download a torrent, you are seen as a culprit as well as the torrent site by the “rights holders”, even if you download legally. This means that you must remain anonymous if you don’t want your downloads to be traced on 1337X. However, there is a foolproof way: using a VPN to protect yourself.

Thanks to this software, you remain anonymous when you visit the site, no way to trace your connection because no third party can access your information. Furthermore, thanks to the VPN, you connect with a different IP address each time, an IP address different from your real IP address. Without having your real Ip address, no rightful owner can sue you. Also, note that VPN also secures connection encryption. Among the VPNs you can use, you can find, for example:

  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • Ipvanish
  • Cyberghost

Also, note that by using a VPN, you can optimize your connection speed. This type of optimization is valid on streaming sites.

What are the Alternatives to 1337X?

There are other alternatives to the 1337X download site, including:

  • TorrentZ is not a download site but rather a search engine dedicated to torrent sites.
  • Limetorrents: offers a multitude of movies, series, music, games, etc.

Streaming sites are also excellent alternatives to 1337X. Of course, it’s better to download, but you can also watch your movies directly on streaming sites. Among the best of the moment, we can mention:

  • Papystreaming
  • Zone Streaming
  • Full Movie, etc.

Don’t worry. The most recent movies, series, or music are available on these download sites.


Is the torrent site safe?

If this torrent tracker took a while to become popular, it is partly because the site is rather untidy. That is, it is a rather disorganized directory that can make it difficult for users to find what they are looking for.

But other problems exist. In 2015, several site founders had decided to leave the project by denouncing serious security problems, flaws that can have serious consequences for users. It was thus possible to “hack” another peer. Moreover, many torrents infected by viruses can potentially paralyze your computer or even jeopardize your digital security. This is why the use of a VPN is strongly encouraged.

However, it should be noted that the latest versions of the site clearly emphasize usability and user security. Major efforts have been made in this area, and it should be noted. However, do not think that this is a reason to relax your vigilance. On the contrary, caution should always be exercised when downloading content from a platform such as 1337x.

What is the official address of 1337X?

For several years now, 1337x has been in the authorities’ sights. The site was even banned from Google searches and therefore could not be easily found on the world’s most popular search engine. Furthermore, many governments are also imposing their blocking in order to ensure the protection of copyrights.

What is the direct consequence of this situation? Many mirror sites have been created, but also more or less official and less secure copies. The creators also have to change the web address of the 1337x site.

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Final Words

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